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The Decatur-Austin Robotics Coalition

     The Decatur-Austin Robotics Coalition is a robotics team made collectively of students from Decatur High School and Austin High School, which are both in Decatur, Alabama. This year’s challenge, “Crossfire”, has given the DARC team a strong challenge in both our robot, along with our marketing booth. The DARC team went to work after learning the objectives for the 2017 BEST competition season. In addition to our competitive endeavors, our team is involved with various outreach projects that inspire students among our community. Our team is also assisted by dedicated mentors, who are helping us achieve something much more valuable than a win in this competition; knowledge about our roles in this competition, which increases knowledge in the interests that we have. On game day, DARC plans to have a challenging yet successful competition, and wishes the best for every other school competing in the BEST competition!



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Check out our 2017 South's BEST Video Competition entry!


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